Customer Reviews

Was your party great? Did the kids have a wonderful time jumping the day away? How was our service? Were we on time?
Let us know what you think and send us an email. Below are some thoughts from our customers.

  My favortite is the Tropical Splash! It goes so fast and keeps you cool in summer. Tyler - Canyon Country 2013  
The Big Wave was awesome and I'm definitely going to order it again.
Thanks again!

Yvette ~ Saugus, October 2010
Thank you Brad. This was the best Halloween Party I ever had. The kiddies were in the jumper non-stop....except of course for nap time. You can count on me for future business.
Gerry – North Valencia, October 2010
Thank you all so much! The children were very happy with the bouncer! We hope to work with you all for future events!
Summer ~ Valencia, October 2010
Thanks so much, Brad! The kids had a great time! We really appreciate you all!
Alison ~ Canyon Country, October 2010
Thank you so much, it was a great hit. If we are here next year we will be sure to book the dunk tank for our Annual Alumni.
Karla ~ Acton, July 2010
Thanks, I wrote a review! Five stars.
Devin ~ Saugus, September 2010
they had a great time. thanks so much.
Pennie – Canyon Country, September 2010
You can count on us using you again. We all had a blast and the kids enjoyed the tank so much. Next year I will make sure to remember Marks trunks so he can go in as well.
Wendy ~ Sylmar, July 2010
Thank you for the excellent service. I will definitely recommend your company to our family and friends.
Lee – Studio City, July 2010
Thank you again for making our event at Sunshine so fun last week. The kids had a great time!
Michelle – Saugus, May 2010
We had a great time.
Gina ~ Newhall, May 2010
Thank you Brad, Once again we couldn't have been more pleased with your services.
The guys you sent out were helpful and very friendly.
We will keep you mind for the next time.
Pam ~ Canyon Country, April 2010
You guys were awesome…. The delivery kid was so nice and on time…. I really appreciate both aspects. I will be recommending your company to everyone I know and I will use your company for future parties.

Ann ~ Canyon Country, April 2010
Thank you for your business...I left you a good review on Google.

Jay ~ Canyon Country, April 2010

Thanks, Brad. Everything went great. The driver was there on time and did a great job. We'll definitely use you guys again.
Chris ~ Valencia, April 2010
Hi Brad,
I will go to Yahoo and write the review but I wanted to thank you personally for the great service and the Princess Castle bouncer. It was such a hit that my daughter wants to have it again, so maybe next year. We'll definitely keep you in mind and refer our friends to you! It was a pleasure doing business with you. Regards,
Crystal ~ Valencia, March 2010

Hi Brad,
It was a great turn out with the Sno Cone Machine, we are actually going to start renting it once a month for the kids to enjoy :)
Have a Great Day,

Johanna – North Valencia, April 2010
Done. Thanks for all help. The snow cone machine was a hit with the kids! Sugar and a bouncy equals fun. Daisy – North Valencia, March 2010
Hi Brad,
The kids loved the bounce house and it was a huge hit!
Thank you so much for your promptness in getting it there on time and picking it up. We'll definitely use your services in the future.
All the best,
Joan – Valencia, March 2010
Thank you so much Brad! We decided that we will never do another party without a bounce house! The kids had a blast. Thank you again
Meghan ~ Canyon Country, March 2010
Thanks Brad, everything worked out well and the kids had a blast. We will definitely call you again!
Liz ~ Valencia, March 2010
Thank you so much - all the kids LOVED the obstacle course and we will definitely keep you in mind for our future parties and we will refer you whenever we have the chance!! Thanks again!!
Kristen ~ Newhall, March 2010
We had a great time, even though the weather was bad. Everytime the rain stopped, we would send the kids outside and into the jumper. Kids being kids, did not care about getting wet. Thank you so much again for all our help. I am definitely thinking of having a "kick off summer" playdate for my daughter's classroom and neighborhood kids in June. I will be in touch then!!!
Leslie ~ Canyon Country, March 2010
Hi Brad:
Everything went very well, thanks for all you help. Will keep you card on file and happy to recommend you.
take care,
teri :) ~ Castaic, February 2010
Thank you Brad!
We loved the Beach Blast Bouncer and the kids had a great time. Looking forward to working with you again in the future.
Dianna ~ Castaic, January 2010
Thank you as well! Everything worked out great. The guys who came to put up/break down the bouncer were very friendly and efficient. The kids had a great time and it was definately worth it!
Thanks for everything,
Shanna – Valencia, January 2010
Thanks Brad. Your company did a great job with the bouncer for our party. We will definitely keep your information for next time!
Annie ~ North Valencia, January 2010
Thank you! It was definitely a life saver and we really enjoyed it. Thank you for being patient with us as we changed our minds!
Sarah – Canyon Country, January 2010
Thanks, Brad. Great bouncer! The kids all loved it.
Forbes – Saugus, January 2010
Thank you- it was great!!! I will call you in two months for my sons' birthday party!!
Kim ~ Newhall, January 2010
Thank you , everything was perfect and my daughter and friends LOVED IT!! Thanks.
Mirlo – Valencia, December 2009
Thanks so much! The kids had a great time!
Koi & Rick ~ Canyon Country, Novemeber 2009
They loved the Tropical Adventure. Thanks!
Ellanor ~ North Valencia, November 2009
The Inflatables went great the kids loved them and you did a great job thanks
Brian ~ Valencia, October 2009
The kids loved the bouncer, your service was professional and affordable. Thanks!
Rich ~ Canyon Country, October 2009
Everything was great! Thank you!
We will keep you in mind for next time, definitely!
Have a great day!
Lisa ~ North Valencia, October 2009
The bouncer was great! Service was excellent.
Have a nice day.
Cheryl – Valencia, October 2009
the kids had such a great time at the party, the bounce house was a hit. will be using your company again in february for my grandson's party.
Jane ~ Van Nuys, October 2009
Thank you brad…the girls had a blast and it was really nice working with you. And the guys dropping off/picking up were very nice and polite as well. We will certainly chose your company as always!
Karen ~ Saugus, October 2009
Thank YOU! The kids had a great time and we really appreciate the extra day at a special rate!!!
Thanks again and best wishes!
Alison ~ Canyon Country, October 2009
You guys are great and the bouncer was too. We had a scheduled time and you showed up right on time. The kids big and small all had a great time and thank you for suggesting the newer one, it really worked out well.
I will definitely use you in the future and will suggest you to others as well.
Colleen ~ North Valencia, October 2009
Thank you for the e-mail! The kids had a great time and I will definitely recommend you and keep the company in mind for future parties!
Thanks again,
Olga – Saugus, October 2009
Thanks Brad - Everything was perfect.
Lucy – Stevenson Ranch, September 2009
The slide was great!!!! It was used allll day long and enjoyed a lot. Thank you so much. See you next time.
Kim ~ Saugus, September 2009
Thank you for your message and follow up. We were very pleased with your service. I have rented Bouncers for our family parties for many years, and I honestly have to say that SCV Bounce Company, Inc. has been the best. Beginning with my call to reserve the Bouncer because your customer service rep is knowledgeable, very pleasant and helpful; to your timely delivery and pick up and as a bonus quoted the best price in town.Have a nice afternoon. Regards, Rick ~ Saugus, September 2009


Hey Brad
Thank You!
The bouncer was great. The kids had a blast. Much appreciated
Leo – North Valencia, September 2009
Hi Brad,
The Beach Blast was perfect for our party, thank you! And, Peter was very nice and did a great job too!
Linda ~ Valencia, September 2009

Thank you so much for everything, the children really enjoyed it!
YMCA – Woodland Hills, September 2009
Hi, Yes, the kids really enjoyed the bouncer. It was great! The drivers were great too! Nice and friendly!
Sincerely, Liane ~ Newhall, August 2009
Thank you. The CrocodileslipNslide was great!
Maria ~ Saugus, August 2009

Thank you so much! It was a blast. We will definetly be calling again and referring people to you! Thank you so much- the slide was the hit of the party!
Jasmine – Newhall, August 2009
Brad, we had such a great time. The slide was HUGE!~ Entertainment for hours!
Thanks! I'll be calling soon!
Erin ~ West Hills, August 2009
You've always come through for us. Thank YOU!
Diane ~ Valencia, July 2009
Thanks for the great service!!!
Kristi ~ Valencia, July 2009
The water slide was a huge hit! The kids loved it and my two boys were playing on it up until 15 minutes before the guys got to the house to pick up.
Suzie – Saugus, July 2009
Thanks Brad! A pleasure to work with your company.. Your jumpers always are a hit!
Mardi ~ Canyon Country, July 2009
The kids LOVED the water slide. We'll definitely be ordering it again next year! Thank you.
Tracey ~ North Valencia, July 2009
Everything was great!! Thanks again!
Melissa – North Valencia, July 2009
The kids had a blast, and the day was so hot that it was perfect. Service was great, the guy who delivered the slide was very nice and I really liked the fact that he was cleaning it and testing out for us before he left. Isabel ~ Newhall, June 2009
Thanks for going so above and beyond for us!
Jill & Jack – Castaic, July 2009
The kids had a wonderful time! In addition, the guy who set up the air bounce was a great a guy too Thank you,
Brad, You're quite welcome; thank you. The kids enjoyed it very much. It was pleasure doing business with you and we will keep you in mind for future parties.
Jackie ~ Valencia, June 2009
The tank and your service were fantastic. Thanks for making my daughter's birthday a hit.
Cal – Saugus, June 2009
Thank you Brad. It was a huge success and the kids loved it! We will definitely do it again.
Marilyn ~ Aqua Dulce, June 2009
The kids enjoyed it and I even went on it.
Teri ~ Saugus, June 2009
hi brad-
the kids loved the slide!
we did it dry and then wet, with warm water form the water heater.
it was a success and we are planning on renting another day this summer...hopefully a very hot day!
thanks again,
kim ~ Saugus, June 2009
Dear Brad,
Thank you so much, the kids loved the jumper and it kept them busy for much of the day. I will certainly keep you in mind for our next event and will tell all my friends about you.
Thanks again,
Edna ~ Castaic, May 2009
The kids had a blast...thanks so much. The gentleman who did the set up and pick up was very pleasant and did a great job.
Thanks again,
Michele ~ Castaic, May 2009
thank you for the bounce house it matched the theme well the kids had a lot of fun in the house.we will keep you in mind.again thank you.
Teresa – Canyon Country, May 2009
Thank you!!! Kids had a blast and loved the water slide!!! We will definitely keep you in mind for next year, and pass on the good word about your services. Hope you have a great week!
Shari ~ Saugus, May 2009
You're welcome, Brad! The kids had a great time and today my daughter said, "I'm sad!" I asked her why and she said, "I miss my jump house!" ;-)
We will definitely keep you in mind for future parties and pass along your info to friends!
Thanks again and have a Happy Summer!
Amy ~ North Valencia, May 2009
Thank you sooo much...the slide bounce was a HUGE success and we will
definately use you again!
Also, thanks for the pictures...we were so busy having fun we never
took any of the slide, so we are very thankful for yours!
Stacey and family – North Valencia, May 2009

Everything was great. Shane's 10th B-day was a HUGE hit. One of the party-goers said,"this is the best party I have ever been to!" And you always find the nicest delivery guys. He was prompt and polite...but they always are, thanks again for a great party. My oldest child just turned 18 and I can remember when SCV Bounce Company delivered to Palmdale for his 2nd birthday party and we have been using you for every party ever since. Thank you for always being there. You are awesome!
Deanna ~ Canyon Country, May 2009
Thank u. The kids had fun & I will definetly recommend your company to anyone.
Susan ~ Canyon Country, May 2009
Thank you very much. The party was a great success. Everyone had a great time.
Thank you,
Maria ~ Granada Hills, May 2009

Your workers were nice and courteous and helpful and on time. Thanks Brad.
Karen - Canyon Country, May 2009
Hi Brad,
The kids had a blast and so did I (Elsa)! I loved the bouncer and the slide....I felt like a kid again wishful thinking:-) We will definitely call you for future parties.
Have a great day,
Elsa & Jeff ~ Porter Ranch, May 2009
just wanted to send a note of thanks to your company. Your employees were professional, courteous and skilled at installing the bouncer, especially so with the gusty wind we had on Saturday. The equipment was clean and in good shape. The kids had a great time in the bouncer. Thank you, I will be using your company again in the future.
Kasey ~ Castaic, April 2009
Your welcome Brad,
Yes, the kids had a great time! I will keep your company in mind the next time we need a bouncer.
Thanks, Denise ~ Canyon Country, April 2009
Hi Brad. The kids had a great time and loved the dunk tank - it was a hit!
Amy - Newhall, April 2009
The kids had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for providing excellent service. We will be sure to call SCVBOUNCE COMPANY for our next party.
Jeff and Venus ~ North Valencia, April 2009
Hi Brad,
Yes, everything went great. Thanks for showing up early. I'll certainly consider calling SCV again.
Ted ~ Granada Hills, April 2009
Everything was great. Thank you and we will be calling you again this summer for other parties we are planning.
Stefanie ~ North Valencia, April 2009
Thank you, Brad! It was great fun!
Lynn Holmgren ~ Saugus, April 2009
Brad I want to thank you for the patients you have, I know I kept changing my mind and you had an awesome attitude. Definitely I'll keep you in my agenda for the future as well I can recommend you.
Thanks again
Blanca ~ Castaic, March 2009
Thank you for your prompt and courteous deliver and pick up. I'll be sure to always recommend your excellent company to my friends and co-workers. And, yes, the kids had a great time!
Chris ~ Canyon Country, March 2009